amongst books

amongst books

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

the times they are a changin'

come writers and critics who prophesize with your pen...

this is what i want

universal healthcare
fair treatment for First Nations People
full legalization of sex work for workers & clients
legalization of marriage for multiple consenting adults & ensuing benefits etc
the extension of the word family beyond parents & children to include caregivers, roommates & multiple spouses
women’s reproductive rights, especially the right to choose
green tax incentives to car-free people, apartment dwellers, composters
taxes on heavy polluters
legalization of drugs
more funding for the arts
a fully funded CBC
limitless internet usage
no participation in war of any kind; Canadian military as peacekeepers only
focus on ending hunger, homelessness, poverty, domestic violence in Canada
a leading role on the world stage for environmental and above issues
the end of our participation in the G8/G20s
people above profits
people above power
people above all

i am not centrist, i am not moderate, i am so far left i will not be in any Canadian family portraits anytime soon. there is nothing to look forward to for me in a blue Canada. i am freezing in the cold blue ice of a Conservative majority. i am hoping that the small ray of light coming from Orange energy and the wee stem of green hope coming from Elizabeth May will somehow keep those of us on the left going, but as it stands, this is not my country. this is Harperland and baby, it’s cold outside.

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