amongst books

amongst books

Friday, July 22, 2011

Gems from Apollinaire's bargin bin

these are books i covet, already have and love or am intrigued by based on buzz. check out these bargoons and more over at Apollinaire's Bookshoppe (selling books that no one wants to buy):

Nathalie Stephens, the Sorrow and the Fast of It (Nightboat Books, 2007) - $10

Jenny Sampirisi, Is/Was (Insomniac Press, 2008) - $10

Alfred Purdy, the Cariboo Horses (McLelland & Stewart, 1965) - $25

rob mclennan, Bagne or Criteria for Heaven (Broken Jaw Press, 2000) - $5

rob mclennan, harvet: a book of signifiers (Talonbooks, 2001) - $5

Barry McKinnon, the Centre (the Caitlin Press, 1995) - $6

Michael Holmes, 21 Hotels (above/ground press, 1998) - $10

Kyle Buckley, the Laundromat Essay (Coach House Books, 2008) - $8.50

stop by the shoppe and spend some ducats and florins on these beauties and more...

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Pearl said...

(whimper) I need to take this as window shopping. or else have an intervention to convince hubby we can buy more shelves...