amongst books

amongst books

Monday, July 04, 2011

July 9: Toronto's Meet The Presses Screaming Chapbook Market

We, the (fallen) angels of AngelHousePress, shall be at the fair with copies of limited edition chapbooks, broadsides & possibly a bit of brimstone. Hope to see you there.

I'm chuffed about this particular fair because it is a "chapbook" fair. there may be a few spines there, at least among the vendors; although angels have no spines, but primarily this is a fair that celebrates the chapbook: those wee unsung pages put together with thread or staples or bolts or glue, somewhat ephemeral, booklets for zines, poetry, prose, manifestos, soup recipes, comics and what have you. to my mind, there is no form more flexible than the chapbook, which can be any shape, any size, any colour, any style from letterpress to manual pencil scrawlings.

if you're in Toronto, please come by and help us celebrate the chapbook.

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