amongst books

amongst books

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Meet the Presses booty

Apt. 9 Press

Jeremy Hanson-Finger,
The Delicious Fields (apparently the last copy)

Emergency Response Unit

Gil Adamson, an untitled broadside beautifully designed by Scream organizer Bill Kennedy
Carey Toane, Stowaway (exquisite old fashioned wallpaper cover)
Dinosaur Porn (with Ferno House)

Gesture Press

Nicholas Power, the Steady Pull of a Curious Dog with drawings by Camilla Burgess

Horse of Operation

Martin Hazelbower, You Can’t Get There From Here: twenty inventions (pictured above)

Serif of Nottingham Editions/Gary Barwin

a two-sided Basho green froggie t-shirt by Gary Barwin, Flying Camel Press

Toronto Poetry Vendors

stuck two loonies in the machine and got a yellow folded work
by Pasha Malla: Bad Humanitarian Aid Organizations (huzzah!)

Underwhich Editions/Paul Dutton

Ballet of the Speech Organs: Bob Cobbing on Bob Cobbing
as interviewd by Steven Ross Smith
Sandra Braman and Paul Dutton, spokesheard, longspoon press
Paul Dutton, Hair (chapbookpublisher)

especially keen on Junction Books, sunnyoutsidepress & Red Iron Press, which had some fantastic stuff, but i ran outta dough.

At the AngelHousePress table, we had a $1,2,3,4, 5 sale and sold out of many chapbooks we brought with us and completely sold out of rob mclennan’s house, a (tiny) memoir and my signs of the apocalypse magazine, issue 1-A; now i can move on two the 2nd issue. we didn’t sell that many broadsides this time around, but a lot of conversation revolved around them, which is great.

The Meet the Presses Screaming Chapbook Fair was a great opportunity to mix with fellow chapbookers and witness various methods of production. It was also fun to see many of my Toronto friends again or for the first time. I also enjoyed gawking at some lovely young Torontonian men. Gosh they make them pretty over there by the lake.

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