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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Ron Sexsmith Shortlisted for Polaris 2011

i couldn't be happier to see Ron Sexsmith on the Polaris 2011 shortlist for Long Player Late Bloomer. for those who haven't had a chance to listen to Sexsmith or who dismiss his work as easy listening, i think you should take a listen (again) with an open mind. music enthusiasts and song writers understand the complexity and memorability of his melody constructions. his voice has a broad range and he takes chances with a lot of the songs he creates. i think he will be considered to be one of Canada's most brilliant song writers of this era.

Long Player Late Bloomer is a strong album. it is hope mixed with risk. every album Sexsmith makes is about risk and taking a chance, something so many recording artist are afraid to do these days, pumping out the same old plonk that zooms to the top of the charts, whatever they are. (think Nickelback).

there is variety in his style, there is an earnestness and darkness mixed with light in his lyrics and his melodies communicate what is often difficult to articulate in words.

coupled with Love Shines, the recent documentary's portrayal of the road to creating Long Player Late Bloomer with producer Bob Rock, the album is even more meaningful. those who love the music of Ron Sexsmith feel his struggle in a business that is more about the sound byte than craft, the bling of a repeated catch phrase than original lyrics.

here's Believe It When I See It from Long Player Late Bloomer

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