amongst books

amongst books

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tree's Open Mic Prize: hunka hunka frying love

so the theme was "Ultimately, why Elvis left the building." my poem tied for the win with Jennifer Pederson's poems, and i particularly enjoyed her lithium villanelle. i had fun responding to the challenge. i love whimsy and sillyness. if you want to get me going, give me a challenge. thanks to Tree for the incentive and the dough. and don't forget to come to Tree on July 26 because Phil Hall is the feature. huzzah. here's the poem...

a hunka hunka frying love

Elvis stands at a stove
in his blue suede shoes
in Satan’s kitchen cooking up
infernal batches of deep fried
peanut butter & banana sandwiches
for the demons & the succubae

This is the Las Vegas Elvis
in his suit of lights
crooning Blue Hawaii as he wields
his spatula like a microphone
swivelling his hips in between bread flips
& shaking loose strands of his palmanade locks
off his forehead & into the frying pan

Afterward he splits a bowl of candy-coloured
barbiturates with Townes, Janis & Kurt Cobain
& they hop a damned train to Memphis
to sing in Beelzebub’s choir

The crypt at Forest Hill stands empty
his loving fans like to tell the tale
not too far from the graves of confederate soldiers
if you stand at the gates of Graceland
in Tennessee on the 4th Chicksaw Bluff
on August 16 at 3:30 in the afternoon
hold yourself still
take a deep breath
& you’ll smell another sandwich frying
especially for you…

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