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Monday, July 04, 2011

Women writers in Ottawa

suggestions for future Ottawa Women’s Worlds conferences

i noticed that the conference, which is taking place now, has a variety of Arts & Culture events featuring local and out of town women. i thought i would offer some suggestions for future organizers of such. now if you’re a frequent reader of my blog, you know i don’t cotton to gender segregation, but since this event is happening anyway, might as well help with suggestions:

Sandra Ridley, poet & author of the award winning collection Fall Out (Hagios Press);

Pearl Pirie, poet & winner of the Robert Kroetsch Innovative Poetry Award, a book forthcoming with Snare Books, been shed bore out with Chaudiere Books;

Rhonda Douglas, poet and fiction writer, Some Days I think I Know Things (Signature Editions);

Elisabeth Harvor, poet, fiction writer & essayist, most recent poetry collection An Open Door in the Landscape (Palimpsest Press);

Gabriela Goliger, fiction writer, most recent novel Girl Unwrapped (Arsenal Pulp Press);

Elizabeth Hay, multiple award winning novelist, recent book Alone in the Classroom (McClelland & Stewart);

Jennifer Whiteford, fiction writer, Grrl (Gorsky Press), zine creator;

Nadine McGinnis, award-winning poet & fiction writer, most recent book Two Hemispheres (Brick Books);

Susan McMaster, poet & literary editor, most recent poetry collection Paper Affair (Black Moss Press);

Ronnie R. Brown, award winning poet, most recent poetry collection Rocking on the Edge (Black Moss Press);

Terry Ann Carter, poet & haikuist, most recent poetry collection A Crazy Man Thinks He’s Earnest (Black Moss Press)

note that i’ve included only those with published books & haven’t included women who do spoken word. the latter because there is one event in the program called Breaking Sound on Wednesday (see the calendar of events) and i’m not sure which have been included. there is a graphic novella launch on Tuesday night, so words have not been entirely forgotten. most of the Arts & Culture events from what i can see seem to be multi-media and music.

& there are probably a whole pile of other women writers i have forgotten or don’t know of. it just seems a shame that at a conference specifically celebrating women’s voices, the audience is not getting a chance to hear some of Ottawa’s strongest and most creative voices. perhaps another time? & if other cities are having similar conferences, i urge you to take a look at the literary talent in your city and be sure to include in your program. the program is fairly complex; perhaps some of these women or women authors from other cities appear in the plenary sessions. if not now, in the future, please.


Pearl said...

It's a pity the conference is so cost prohibitive. It would have been lovely to dip into what they are talking about but $450 makes it a professional or wisely-invested retiree gathering only.

Amanda said...