amongst books

amongst books

Friday, October 28, 2011

Support Community Radio

Enthusiasts of the written and spoken word, here are some of the shows that i know of that have such content on CKCU FM & CHUO FM:

CKCU FM 93.1

Monday Special Blend with Dean Verger, 7am Mondays

Third World Players, 6pm Thursdays

Literary Landscape with alternating hosts Kathryn Hunt, Christine McNair, Bardia Sinae, and Neil Wilson, 6:30pm Thursdays (i still remember with great fondness Jane Crosier who started Literary Landscapes and hosted it for many years before her death a few years ago)

Friday Special Blend with Susan Johnston, 7am Fridays

on CHUO FM 89.1

Monday Night Scribes with John Akpata, 10pm Wednesdays

Click Here with Mitchell Caplan, 5pm Wednesdays

Not to mention great music, especially by independents, interviews about what's going on in Ottawa and the wide world from theatre, visual art, dance, music, sports, politics, the environment, economy.

The CKCU fund raising drive is happening now. If you want to help keep the shows alive, please call 613-520-3920 or go to and click on "secure online pledge" to donate.

For CHUO go here:

Literary events and writers have always received a lot of promotion and support from community radio. Now's the time to give back. Thanks to all who host the shows and help make community radio come to life.

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