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Friday, November 25, 2011

Cover Songs: what are your faves?

On Monday, November 28, on Between Thought and Expression on CKCUFM (11am-12:30pm), there will be a show devoted to cover songs. Ok. i love covers, love them. i find it interesting to hear a different interpretation of a song. it help me to understand the song better and the writer's original intention.

there's always some discussion about whether a cover is better than the original. for the most part i just enjoy that they are different. and think of Bob Dylan, who has constantly sang different versions of his own songs. is different better? different is just different & can reveal more about a song's architecture. On a recent interview on CBC Radio 3, Sondre Lerche said that if someone is just going to cover a song as it is originally, what's the point? i agree with that. i like to hear the difference to understand why the composer made certain choices in his/her arrangements, rhythm etc.

i have a big collection of covers. here are a few of my favs. what are yours?

Jeff Buckley: Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) {i like other covers ok for this, but Buckley's version has packs a heavier emotional punch for me; the k.d. lang version is beautiful but too smooth for my liking}

Jeff Buckley/Nina Simone: Lilac Wine (James Shelton)

Nina Simone/David Bowie: Wild is the wind (Dimitri Tiomkin and Ned Washington)

the soundtrack of Bob Dylan's Masked and Anonymous especially Come Una Pietra Scalciata (Like A Rolling Stone) - Articolo 31 (Bob Dylan)

Ron Sexsmith: Heart with no companion (Leonard Cohen);
Ron Sexsmith: Good Old Desk & I Guess the Lord Must Be In New York City (Harry Nilson)

Ron Sexsmith: Everyday I Write The Book (Elvis Costello)

Ron Sexsmith: Drifter (Gordon Lightfoot)

Emmylou Harris: The Magdalene Laundries (Joni Mitchell) & the whole A Tribute to Joni Mitchell album)

Ramblin' Jack Elliott: Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (Bob Dylan) & the whole I'm Not There soundtrack

Lucy Kaplansky: It Ain't Me Babe (Bob Dylan) & the whole A Nod to Bob album

Cake: Ruby don't take your love to town & the whole b-sides and rarities album

Beth Gibbons and Rustin' Man: Candy Says (Lou Reed)

Beth Orton: Sisters of Mercy (Leonard Cohen) & the whole LC: I'm Your Man album

Ana Egge: Wastin' Time (Ron Sexsmith)

Arlo Guthrie: Can't Help Falling In Love With You (Elvis Presley)

Dream Syndicate: Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young)

Annie Lennox: Thin Line Between Love and Hate (the Persuaders)

Annie Lennox: A Whiter Shade of Pale (Procal Harum)

Annie Lennox & also the Talking Heads: Take Me To the River (Al Green)

Big Star: Femme Fatale (The Velvet Underground)

the Bare Naked Ladies: Lovers in a dangerous time (Bruce Cockburn)

Tom Waits: Sea of Love (John Phillip Baptiste)

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts: Love is all around (the Mary Tyler Moore show opening song)

Clayhill: Please please please let me get what I want (the Smiths)

the Cowboy Junkies: Blue Moon (Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart)

Crosby, Stills and Nash: Everybody's Talkin' (Fred Neil)

Indigo Girls: Romeo and Juliet (Dire Straits)

Jimi Hendrix: All Along the Watchtower (Bob Dylan)

Bleecker Street: Greenwich Village In The 60's

Scala & Kolacny Brothers: Bittersweet Symphony (the Verve)

Luke Doucet, Lovecats (Robert Smith)

Adam Sandler, Werewolves of London & the whole Eat Every Sandwhich album (Warren Zevon)

Maggie Gyllenhaal: Just the way you are (Bruno Mars)

the Langley Schools Project: In my room (Brian Wilson and Gary Usher)

Susanna and the Magical Orchestra: Love will tear us apart (Joy Division)

Siouxie and the Banshees: Strange Fruit (Abel Meeropol)

Minnie Riperton and José Feliciano: Light my fire (the Doors)

Billy Brag: Walk Away Renée (Michael Brown)

Mott the Hoople: All the Young Dudes (David Bowie)

Joaquin Phoenix: Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash)

Harry Manx and Kevin Brett: I'm On Fire (Bruce Springsteen)

My Morning Jacket: Rocket Man (Elton John)

{& i am looking forward to Muppets: the Green Album coming out in August 2011 with a whole slew of covers by folks like Sondre Lerche, Andrew Bird etc}

Late Editions

Pearl Jam, All Along the Watchtower (Bob Dylan)

Stubbs the Zombie soundtrack with songs like If I Only Had A Brain from the Wizard of Oz by the Flaming Lips


Bradley said...

That's crazy! I've been working on a blog post about covers; posting next week :) Love most of yr picks.

Amanda Earl said...

thanks. i'm looking forward to seeing your post. and you should listen to the above-mentioned show on Monday, 11am EST to see what covers they talk about. i'm going to, hopefully.

Bradley said...


I got so many suggestions from my friends that I have to do a "Cover songs 2" post soon :)

Amanda Earl said...

thanks, Bradley! am listening to yours now. i have to say i like the Snow Patrol version better than the Beyonce original (although i totally loathe the rapping or whatever that is, but that's just because it's a form that bugs me, like nails on a chalk board). but as to All along the watch tower, can't say that i prefer the Hendrix version over Dylan's. i like them both.

Amanda Earl said...

& i loved Patti Smith's version of the T4F song. nice!