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Friday, November 11, 2011

Rants: 1. Ogre Transpo 2. Day of Shame

1. Ogre Transpo strikes again

i have called OC Transpo Ogre Transpo for years. the management never treats riders like customers, blames us for every problem associated with the bus, treats their drivers horribly and the latest in their nonsensical draconian antics is forbidding driver Yves Roy to sing on his bus.

apparently they received 12 complaints this year, and this after the man has been singing on his bus for 11 years. even our Mayor has weighed in, explaining that if we allowed Roy to sing, all mayhem would break loose on the bus. why even riders might bring on karaoke machines and break into song. goodness me. imagine the horror.

meanwhile buses are constantly late, missing and overcrowded, we have a ridiculous line of buses during evening commutes along Slater that you could walk across faster than you could ride. and guess what? we're even getting a fare increase. i think Ogre Transpo and Mayor Whatzit have their priorities screwed up. meanwhile we're supposed to be thinking of the environment, we're supposed to be saving money on gas, etc. ottawa is car city and this attitude isn't helping.

2. remembering war. yes, remember it and feel shame, shame that humans have ever had to involve themselves in the horrible task of killing and maiming and destroying. show graphic photos of legs cut off, hold funerals and wakes for the dead. grieve for your lost loved ones who fought and those who are still fighting. don't march, don't wear uniforms and don't show photos of your grandma in her wwii uniform smiling away. the fact that people are still dying from war today makes me feel guilty and ashamed for being human. there's nothing to be proud of. i hate living in a city where people wear red on fridays to support the troops. is war sometimes necessary? i hate to say it but sometimes it has been necessary. this is not something to celebrate or to glorify. this should be a day where we all hang our heads in sorrow.

"Perhaps, when we remember wars, we should take off our clothes and paint ourselves blue and go on all fours all day long and grunt like pigs. That would surely be more appropriate than noble oratory and shows of flags and well-oiled guns."
Cat's Cradle - Kurt Vonnegut

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