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amongst books

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the Clear Channel Memorandum - my choices

on his blog yesterday Jamie Bradley wrote about the Clear Channel Memorandum, a list of what was thought to be lyrically questionable songs that radio stations were told to not play by their big brother owner due to all the 911 stuff that went on. on September 11, 2001, i was at the end of my 30s.  my whole life had changed in the 21st century.  i had rebelled. this was my moment of anarchy. i was taking an advanced poetry workshop at U of O with Seymour Mayne. shortly after 9/11 i was sitting in Cafe Nostalgica (note that the cafe has recently been demolished: a bit of life mirroring art mirroring life again perhaps.) i was listening to some students talk & they were not talking about 9/11. i eavesdroped & wrote bits of their conversation along with poetic licence into a poem. that poem was published in "A Time of Trial: Beyond the Terror of 9/11" (Hidden Brook Press, 2001)...actually, it didn't make it into the book, just on the accompanying CD. oh dear. probably for the best.

here are my cuts from the Clear Channel Memo's list. (i can't get the embed feature to work in blogger. says my video player is too small. harumph)

The Animals : We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

Skeeter Davis: The End of the World

Carol King: I feel the Earth move

Talking Heads: Burning Down the House

U2: Sunday Bloody Sunday

The Clash: Rock the Casbah

Bob Dylan: Knockin' On Heaven's Door

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