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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mother Tongue Books Is Closing

i am very sad to hear that Mother Tongue Books will be closing. Laura & Evelyn have been wonderful supporters of Bywords. every quarter we do our Bywords walkabout, delivering copies of the latest issue of the Bywords Quarterly Journal to a few local bookstores. our first stop for 10 years has been Mother Tongue Books where chapbooks & small zines have always been so wonderfully supported. Charles & i would chat with Evelyn & Laura for a good long time before moving on to Mags N Fags. It's a wonderful bookstore that has supported many a local writer by holding events in the store & been a great venue for writing workshops by Ivan E. Coyote & also the Creative Writing Playdate.

Please go to this site & support Mother Tongue Books in any way you can : financially or with your presence for events from June 22 to July 20 to help with the cost & trauma of closing the store.

To Laura & Evelyn, thank you for helping to make Ottawa a vibrant city. may good fortune come your way & new adventures abound.

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