amongst books

amongst books

Friday, October 19, 2012

2012/2013 writing plan / resolution

finish current manuscript by end of October
finish custom erotica story/flash fiction by end of December
satisfy committments/agreements wrt grants, reading engagements, publication
write poetry grant application

continue work on new poetry manuscript
begin research on Ottawa novel set in Victorian era
take fiction writing workshop in fall, if offered

there will be poetry, there will be short stories, there will be other side trips, obviously, but, I don't see myself submitting poems for publication for some time, or seeking opportunities to read.
I'd like to go underground in 2013. I need to hone & refine my poetry; I need to trust my instincts & not allow the constant stream of rejection e-mails & letters to distract me (therefore I withdraw from the process).
for readings, I need to listen to others, rather than hear the sound of my own voice.  I resolve to be focused, to take on a monastic fervour on work days, & not let myself be distracted by what typically pulls me away. I will seek out society when necessary: dear friends, who are more family to me than just friends.
while I've been very fortunate: I've received funding & publication by those that seem to get what I'm doing, the world outside of this small circle seems harsh, particularly the literary world. I don't need that. I am not a masochist.

I'm starting to believe that the process of sending poetry out for publication is conforming, rather than incentive for experiment & play. since what I need most in order to create is an environment which nurtures such, I can't participate in this process at this time. I feel hemmed in by conformity.
I needed a reminder that it's ok & necessary to break the rules & to not give a rat's ass about approval or validation from the publishing establishment. So this is me, reminding myself. I will continue to show support for literary non conformists, such as above/ground press, Rampike, fillingStation, the vispo scene…insert suggestion here…

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