amongst books

amongst books

Monday, October 15, 2012

the birthday 49

oct 2012 pre-birthday ramble thru the Beechwood Cemetary
1. I am not good at flirting or recognizing when I'm being flirted with.
2. I had cheesecake for breakfast
3. trivialities bore me
4. my imagination is unlimited, but my ability to fulfil it is not
5. I haven't attended a meeting since 2003 & won't
6. I despise bras
7. I make playlists for every occasion
8. I am looking forward to winter
9. I drink 2 litres of water a day
10. my fav activities are sex, conversations & long walks (the latter could also include the first two)
11. my favourite word is "lugubrious"
12. I adore making lists
13. Rollercoasters & ferris wheels & log flumes fill me with terror.
14. As a child, I was buried up to my neck in a hole by the father of my best friend.
15. family lore says I was switched just after birth with a gypsy child.
16. my usual forthright demeanor has turned into shyness since my health crisis.
17. I admire those who have walked great distances.
18. writing about evocative times in the past is not necessarily nostalgia.
19. I am an advocate of love even if it isn't always deployed properly.
20. I dabble but do not perfect my skills in anything, including painting, pottery, poetry, prose, knitting, guitar playing, song writing, photography, cruciverbalism, sophistry.
21. I am sexually demonstrative but don't like platonic hugs.
22. I prefer imaginative leaps to straight narratives.
23. seeing men kiss is among my biggest turn ons.
24. in my heart I am still a slut.
24. I should be working on fiction right now.
25. my favourite xmas carols are In the Bleak Mid Winter & All Through The Night
26. I have developed a fetish for bling in my 40s; I find this worrisome.
27. my adulation of beautiful men continues.
28. I do not own & shall never own a whisk.
29. I prefer unmatched dishware, bedding, accoutrements.
30. I'd rather go to an art show after the vernissage.
32. I will never be prepared for death.
33. Remember when I moved in you, the Holy Dove was moving too & every breath we drew was Hallelujah. (thank you, L. Cohen)
34. I often break the laws of grammatical parallelism.
35. my fav combo is mmf
36. my other birthday is November 12, 2009, when I survived, despite the odds & the angel of death standing by my bedside.
37. I forgot how to ride a bicycle.
38. in my 40s I have finally developed a taste for classical music & opera, but I still loathe ballet.
39. I wish Ottawa had more decent lobby bars.
40. I am not religious, yet admire the rituals & churches of Catholicism, but not the intolerance & pedophilia.
41. my husband is the greatest lover I have ever had, even after being with him for 11 years.
42. my favourite photos are of abandoned buildings, broken glass, dead flowers.
43. I am a sporadic but ardent fan of CBC Radio One; in particular Ideas, Ottawa Morning, All In A Day, Q, the Next Chapter, Writers & Company.
45. I haven't  yet found a good non slip boot or stud to keep me from falling on the ice.
46. I can still float on my back even without my colon, which surprises me.
47. I miss the intensity of people's ardour  for me when I was recuperating from my health crisis.
48. somehow I am living the life I want to live.
49. please let this goodness continue.


Fran said...

Look. Maybe you've met a few bad whisks in your day, and I'm defnitely not saying they're all decent. But one really came through for me a few weeks back when I needed to mix a bowlful of thick, gloopy pie filling. Give a whisk a chance, Amanda. One day, you might be glad you did.

Amanda Earl said...

it's a terrible prejudice, isn't it? i very good at forking ;)