amongst books

amongst books

Sunday, March 17, 2013

VERSeFest, rest of days, no blog, but perhaps later

i'm having a grand time, but yesterday, so many events...i'm knackered. i think my brain stopped by about 4pm. so this is where i cease blogging the fest for now at least. but what a wild, fun & fanciful ride yesterday was & how sore my ass is from those pretty blue chairs & how great it is to have long conversations with friends old & new betwixt poems. & god damn, that RC Weslowski is a sweetheart. so much to say, but for once, i'm speechless. chat amongst yr selves & come out today for the finales....hugs & wet kisses to all who made this bliss happen.


nadine sellers said...

it was by accident that i happened by; i was hunting for Canadian review venues to spread a review i wrote about one of those 'up-northers' -- and then you popped out of the bloglist of Rebecca, it wasn't your catchy little ditty " literary sundries and whatnots' which caught me..
it was the writing which followed--caught--i'm following you now..

Amanda Earl said...

thank you, Nadine. that's lovely to hear :)