amongst books

amongst books

Monday, July 01, 2013

Two new stories in the ERWA Gallery

hi all,

the two stories of mine being featured in the Erotica Readers and Writers Gallery this month are both tales of  lost opportunities, but in one case the main characters eventually gain resolution while in the other, they do not. i won't tell you which one.

what better way to celebrate Canada's birthday than with a bit of smut, a bit of romance, a bit of anti-romance...

Dare to Live

the Vessel

thanks once more to the fine folk at ERWA for supporting & being interested in my work & in particular the gang at Storytime for their insightful editing suggestions.

i encourage you to read the excellent erotic tales featured in the gallery this month. There's a new feature for longer works called "Novelette." I highly recommend Raziel Moore's fascinating and sexy "Invisible Lines."

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