amongst books

amongst books

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Donate to CKCU

Community radio in Ottawa serves an important role in the literary community, ensuring that our events are promoted and broadcasting interviews with writers. Two shows on CKCU that do these things and more are Friday Special Blend, hosted by Susan Johnston at 7am and Literary Landscape on Thursday at 6:30pm with a rotating cast of hosts, including Pearl Pirie, Kate Hunt, Dave Currie and Neil Wilson.

Tonight on Literary Landscape, Pearl Pirie and Kate Hunt will be offering book prize packages to those who donate. Go to the show sites to listen to some great previous shows via CKCU On Demand.

Donate now to your favourite show securely online at with your Visa or Mastercard or with PayPal.

I will always remember going to my interview with Jane Crosier, the wonderful originator of Literary Landscape. It was one of the first times I'd ever done an interview, let alone one on the radio. She was friendly, inquisitive and great fun to talk with.

Please help CKCU raise $127,000 this year. They are Canada's oldest community radio station. Let's keep them going.

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