amongst books

amongst books

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday Poem: 3 from Beast Body Epic

three prose poems from my poem series, "Beast Body Epic" are now on line as part of the rob mclennan curated Dusie Tuesday Poem Series. I am #30.

BBE is a series of fifty poems I had been working on in my head since November, 2012 & finally transcribed onto the page in January, 2013 in a forty-eight hour period, where I wrote while listening to Nine Inch Nails (particularly The Downward Spiral.)

I was thinking about estrangement from the body, the feeling of the body as a type of monster, ghosts & the other. I'm going to talk a wee bit about the other on November 21 as part of the Factory Reading SeriesLecture Series, a VERSeFest fundraiser.

thanks to rob mclennan for including me in these adventures. 

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