amongst books

amongst books

Saturday, November 23, 2013

An Invitation to Trouble

TROUBLE is inspired by the poetry of Tom Walmsley & Eduardo C. Corral, the music of Tom Waits. Could be a retelling of the story of Eurydice & Orpheus, via Jean Cocteau's Orpheus trilogy. Could be the tale of a romance, a love affair. It concerns the wanderer, the martyr, the warrior & the orphan, bereavement & bewilderment. It is a long poem told in five acts.

I will be reading from TROUBLE on Wednesday, November 27, 2013 after 9pm at the Clocktower Pub, 575 Bank Street as a feature of the In/Words Reading Series. I invite you to come partake of TROUBLE & to read some troublesome poems or stories of your own at the open mic.

If you ask for trouble, I will give you the form of a limited edition, 26-copy broadside made for the occasion.

For eight years I have been infatuated with In/Words, have admired its spirit of community, mentorship & spirit of nurturing, its attempts to bridge the world of academia with Ottawa's wider literary community. In/Words is an essential part of this community. I have had several poems published in the magazine throughout the years & last year, a broadside. I am chuffed to have been invited to read on Wednesday…even if it is past my bedtime. I thank In/Words for their support & encouragement of my writing & the writing of others.

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