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Friday, December 13, 2013

Oddnik Xmas Gift Idea: Buy Literature

If you're not like me (& who is really) & you buy people xmas/holidaze gifts, here's a rundown of good presents for the literature lovers in your life. this is also a way for you to support great writing, great small press publishers & feel damn good about yourself…


yes, I know Canada Pissed is planning on cutting service to homes in urban centres, but that's going to take a few years at least…in the meantime…

above/ground press publishes a plethora of fine poetry chapbooks & broadsides year round. for a mere $50 you can acquire everything above/ground puts out annually. While you're at it pick up the 20th anniversary anthology: "Ground Rules" from their sister publisher, Chaudiere Books.

Book Thug publishes something like 15,000 books & chapbooks in a year… Check their site for suscription or bundle options. While you're there picking up launch packages, might I recommend two fabulous poetry books from 2013: Sandra Ridley's "The Counting House" & Phil Hall's "The Small Nouns Crying Faith." There's a 30% off deal til early January. Take advantage!

Brick: A Literary Journal is a thick volume that comes out a coupla times a year. The interviews, reviews and fiction are wide-ranging. I have learned about all kinds of things I never heard of before such as theatres in the catacombs of Paris, the late of ceramicist Edmund de Waal's family, peers of the Rothchilds, who escaped Nazi Germany with a priceless collection of Japanese netsuke, miniature sculptures.

The Capilano Review,  fillingStation  & Rampike are, in my opinion, the most comprehensive & eclectic literary journals in Canada, including a variety of poetic styles with an emphasis on the rawer edged stuff, art, visual poetry & interviews.

also check out Ottawa published literary magazines: Arc Poetry Magazine, In/Words (they also have chapbooks) , Chrysalis Zine, & the Ottawa Arts Review

Front&Centre from Black Bile Press  is I believe a twice yearly or so magazine with transgressive fiction & critical reviews of mostly fiction, the occasional interview & a candid editorial by Joel Williams. Black Bile also has chapbooks of fiction.


The Literary Press Group has a pop up store for December which offers a good deal on a different themed trio of books daily. 
Go to the LPG's site to access various publishers, indie booksellers etc. or go directly to the publishers' sites themselves.

I am in love with several of the recent Mansfield Press titles, particularly Stephen Brockwell's "Complete Surprising Fragments of Impossible Books" for its brilliance, wry wit & imagination.

Also buy anything from Nightwood Editions, but especially Danny Jacobs' Songs That Remind Us of Factories. The fellow has a good sense of humour & a good sense of sound. 

These are a few titles on my wish list for year round gift possibilities (i don't mind hinting):

Bone and Bread - Saleema Nawaz
Caught - Lisa Moore
Hellgoing by Lynn Coady
A Fairy Tale by  Jonas T. Bengtsson   Translated by: Charlotte Barslund
1996 - Sara Peters
19 Knives - Marc Anthony Jarman

Glossolalia -  Marita Dachsel (Poetry)

Blue is the Warmest Colour - Julie Maroh
Blood, Marriage, Wine & Glitter - S. Bear Bergman

This Great Escape - Andrew Steinmetz
The Traymore Rooms - Norm Sibum

The Lost Letters - Catherine Greenwood

Army of Lovers - A Community History of Will Munro, the Artist, Activist, Impresario and Civic Hero Who Brought Together Toronto's Club Kids, Art Fags, Hardcore Boys, Drag Queens, Rock 'n' Roll Queers, Needlework Obsessives, Limpwristed Nellies, Stone Butches, New Wave Freaks, Unabashed Perverts, Proud Prudes and Beautiful Dreamers-Sarah Liss

White Piano -Nicole Brossard, translated by Robert Majzels &  ErĂ­n Moure

The Loneliness Machine by Aaron Giovane

Gay Dwarves of America - Anne Fleming
Light - Souvankham Thammavongsa
Juanita Wildrose: My True Life - Susan Downe

Dennis Cooley - the stones

Rosa Rose - Robert Priest & Joan Krygsman


from a coupla toonies to $10 or so, chapbooks & broadsides are great gifts of mostly poetry from Ottawa micropresses.

Black Bile Press & In/Words Magazine also have chapbooks. see above.


jwcurry's Room 3o2 Books is the place to go for amazing limited edition books, broadsides, chapbooks, posters etc.  . if you were planning on spending money on such items, this would be an ideal time.

what am I forgetting? let me know.

finally a nod to the fabulous 49th Shelf, one of the greatest resources for Canadian books on line. it was a great help to me in the preparation of this list. 

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