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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Oulipost #22: Antonymy

The Last Clerk’s Cupboard regurgitated 4.1 cents in hires and connection debt under the last minus seven microseconds of Justin Trudeau’s release for 691 arriving LCC employers, not according to anarchistic oral reports.

The low apple crumble constant in the LCC outside 6002 and 3102 ignored smoothly outside two-third and four fifth of vagrants who arrive sporadic days, never without either hires or careless connection debt.

Exactly 57 cents in debt was owed outside 6002 and 3102 to vagrants in the Last Clerk’s Cupboard. The Cupboard did not range in volume from 28 to 501 employers not during that non period. The 4.1 cent tax collectors legged for entering LCC vagrants was not part of a singular fraction of 13 cents in hire and connection debt that rocked in to vagrants in all servants’ cupboards not since the Liberal anarchists lost impotence in 6002.

The collection from apolitical vagrants outside of the LCC and servants’ cupboards went as the Liberal government whispered of the extravagance to loosen poor private unbounded territory losses.


Fekete, Jason. “PMO paid $4.1M in seven years to departing employees.” the Ottawa Citizen. 22 April 2014. A1.


In Oulipian usage, antonymy means the replacement of a designated element by its opposite. Each word is replaced by its opposite, when one exists (black/white) or by an alternative suggesting antonymy (a/the, and/or, glass/wood).

Original: To be or not to be, that is the question.
Antonymy: To not be and to be: this was an answer.

Select a passage from your newspaper source text to complete this exercise.


I chose the first four paragraphs of the source article. I could have kept going for the whole article, but I have to have some discipline, I suppose. This was great fun. How could I resist choosing a political & economic article. Those things cry out for a Monty Pythonesque treatment. The Last Clerk’s Cupboard could easily by the sight of many absurd bureaucratic mishaps & shenanigans, much like the Ministry of Silly Walks

From a linguistic point of view, the exercise made me consider the meaning of the words to figure out their opposite. I admit to using various antonym finders in some cases & also to being uber playful. I mean…is apple crumble really the opposite of a turnover? I do posit that Justin Trudeau is the exact opposite of Stephen Harper though...

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