amongst books

amongst books

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Oulipost # 30: Patchwork Quilt - redux

Grocery Lists, Bad News & Poetry

once upon a time it was the last
big bang--post-apocalyptic.

I didn’t want to go back touching
to bring good luck inside a Hallmark card--

that vagrant parrot, a player in middle management.
there’s nothing practical left to do:

haunt artistic lines.
Rose Kiting: how good the fury.

be your own person: misunderstood--
the tasty times are rare

commons married with air:
charming quiet paranoia.

demand more than sewers,
dog excrement, art & a bag

weeping monsters.
sweat the small stuff.

peek, seek all.
it isn't lost in the mailbox.

we are kind of regulated in impromptu instances.
the your is actually you--

enthusiastic about vocal sounds:
up up up.

your name, your intelligence, your beauty—
none of that fucking matters.

Elaboration – this time with lines from my own poems over 29 days. i  jigged a bit to make things fix. that’s it. thank you & good night.

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