amongst books

amongst books

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Oulipost # 6: Blank Verse Amidst the Prose

Cheaper, Modern (Valley of the) Dolls

I checked  to see  how much sunshine was true
I feel so blessed one-stop is there for me
Based on/the latest rage in glamour drugs
We made the switch, did not return the fight
For heaven’s sake I don’t know who last week
Perverted the intention of the sun
There are no plans; these things have saved our lives
With our deeper cuts, our lack of love,
we are kind of  regulated

I checked/ to see / how much/ sunshine /was true
I feel/ so blessed/ one-stop/ is there /for me
Based on/ the la/test rage/ in gla/mour drugs
We made/ the switch,/ did not /return /the fight
For hea/ven’s sake/ I don’t/ know who/last week
Perver/ted* the /inten/ti(on) of /the sun
There are /no plans;/ these things/ have saved /our lives
With our /deeper/ cuts/ our lack/ of love,
we are /kind of /regu/lated


Taylor, Sarah. Special to Ottawa Sun. “Keeping the faith. The Ottawa Sun, E-Dition. A2.
Blizzard, Christina. “Something definitely stinks. Ib id. A3.
Helmer, Aedan.  “Old Drug, New Tricks.” Ibid. A4.
__. “E-cigarettes can save lives.” Ibid. A4.
Archambault, Jesse. “Time to vote but…” Ibid. A6.
__,  “Trade shows span the spectrum.” Ibid. A12
Yuen, Jenny. QMI Agency. “LCBO Express-Sing Disappointment” A7.


Compose a poem using unintentional lines of iambic pentameter found in your newspaper. (from the Oulipost Playbook & the Found Poetry Review).


Yesterday I had to shop in a fucking Walmart.


This one was fairly straight-forward. No tool was going to be able to help but the ear.  I cheated in the following ways:  a) I changed possessive adjectives from third person plural to first person plural, believing that somewhere in the Ottawa Sun are first person adjectives; a) I broke the iambic pentameter in a couple of places. In line six because I liked the phrase too much to fuck with it &  in the the penultimate line, because it sounded right. In the case of the last line, I was being deliberately perverse. Note that Sundays I’m going to be using the Sun because the Citizen has no Sunday newspaper. 


Anonymous said...

Hey! Now you're done and can enjoy the day.

Good grief! The line above is iambic pentameter.

Anonymous said...

wow love it. Perversity and all!

Amanda Earl said...

thanks, ladies. once you go iambic, you never go back ;)

Barbara said...

I don't think I agree with your final comment, Amanda, but all the rest today is wonderful! I think I could step back from the brink now and try to catch my breath before the sonnet.