amongst books

amongst books

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Gratitude: poetry 5 x 5, a year in review

at this time last year, I madea year-long commitment to actively engage with poetry. I would do this by reading poetry & by writing regular blog entries about it in the following categories: recent poetry reads, theme, chapbook review, event report & gleanings from the web. i ended up reading & engaging with more poetry than I often do, which is the reason why I decided to do this in the first place. another reason was to help continue the conversation, so to speak, to contribute to keeping poetry alive in the minds of readers, potential readers, fellow writers…

the wheels fell off the apple cart in the autumn. I kept writing the entries but I stopped paying attention to the various topics & wrote whatever I felt like writing to do with poetry. this suited me best.

I liked having posts scheduled ahead of time & then posting them & scheduling them so that they appeared automatically. I do enjoy the process of planning my time, so this worked for me.

my favourite entries were those in the theme category: colour in Ken Babstock’s work, for example, or the piece on liminality; I also enjoyed reading through various poetry books & chapbooks & writing about them. 

I hope this has been an interesting year on my blog for you, readers. I’ve heard from a few of you over the year to let me know that you were reading the entries & have found them interesting. my hope is that anything I write, whether it be poetry, fiction or these blog entries, inspires you to create, to explore & to read more…

next year my blog entries will be sporadic & uncategorized. I will follow my curiosities & see where they lead.

2015 will be, for me, a year of colour, in which I engage with visual art more. you will find such engagements over on my tumblr account.

thank you for your friendship, your kindness, your support in 2014. may 2015 be a fulfilling year for you, full of warmth, colour, love & poetry…

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