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amongst books

Thursday, July 30, 2015

One Thing: Bill DiMichele

"Maybe in the next life
I'll tell you I care"


This is the saddest couplet I've ever heard. In this song the man makes a half-hearted commitment, not understanding that things don't change, that they won't change, that the boundaries of time stand between them. He's trying to figure it out, but he doesn't understand the theory of eternal recurrence, a dimension where things constantly repeat, forever, for as long as time is.

Where there is little hope for change, nearly zero hope for change, there is still a possibility on the bottom side of 'little hope', of 'nearly zero hope', revealing a small, small passage of possibility. It takes a huge and constant effort, like 'turning back the tide', like 'making the sun run backwards' to break through the  astral iron of recurrence.

This possibility lies in love, the only power that can change eternal recurrence. If he realizes this power, if he changes timelines and makes efforts to be with her, he will actually be able to tell her he cares.

Bill DiMichele  

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