amongst books

amongst books

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

one thing: dalton derkson

hell may very well be other people but
it seems more likely to be held in the pits
of squashed summer cherries            dead in
the alley         mingling with wasps nd rocks.

dalton derkson
(who is participating in the Worst Case Ontario Tour)

Your Invitation: 

tell me or show me one thing. it doesn’t have to be profound. it could be visual or written or a combo of both.  it could be about your work; it could be about some film or tv show you’ve watched or a coffee place you like. it could be short or long. i’ll post it along with a link of your choice to your work or somewhere else. disclaimer: i might choose not to post if it doesn’t suit me.
your reward? send me your mailing address & i’ll send you something whimsical…
it’s getting a tad quiet out there this summer & i think we need an injection of whimsy.
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