amongst books

amongst books

Friday, August 07, 2015

One Thing: rob mclennan

It never really is one thing, is it? One thing connects to another thing, which connects to a further thing.

Anything I write falls into the same category: occasional poems begin to pool, and group together; are occasional no longer. I compose occasional poems, composed for what may or may not actually be an occasion, that live alone for only the briefest time. And poems might group for the most tangential reasons—a shared cadence or structure, or the briefest shared content—but once they touch, they begin to bond with subsequent poems. Poems group, share information, and become larger.

One might say it can’t be helped. To write long and wide enough, the connections will make themselves visible, even through the most tenuous of examples. Poems connect to poems, and books connect to books.

It is never simply one thing. The goal of the artist is to expand as much as possible, while allowing for those connections. One might say that the most human quality of artwork is narrative, however arbitrary or constructed. The mind sees patterns, even where there might be none at all. And once we think we recognize these connections, the prophecy self-fulfills.

Your Invitation: 

tell me or show me one thing. it doesn’t have to be profound. it could be visual or written or a combo of both.  it could be about your work; it could be about some film or tv show you’ve watched or a coffee place you like. it could be short or long. i’ll post it along with a link of your choice to your work or somewhere else. disclaimer: i might choose not to post if it doesn’t suit me.
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