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Saturday, September 12, 2015

One Thing: Kemeny Babineau

Duck Talk 

 In the world of ducks, there is much to learn, but maybe not so much to emulate. Sexually, they are odd. Humans have that too, sexual oddity. Our peculiarities may be the result of an overloaded charge, or in its attempted repression. Humans are practically always in heat, even in the sunless cold, or when starving to death. The sexual world of the duck, though fully primed, is not the constant red light of humanity.

Duck fucking goes like this. They seem to prefer mating in the water, but are equally capable of accomplishing the task on land. In large flocks the drakes are serial rapists. They don’t woo, or court, or connive, they gang up. The drakes will cooperatively rape the hens, each having a turn or stealing another’s entrance. This is made possible by the structure of the penis; it uncoils when erect and can penetrate the vagina from any angle. It is an elasticized, prehensile, tentacle with a groove running along the top of it to convey the semen. Erection and orgasm occur quickly. The contraction of the penis in its initial phase is like a rubber band, it snaps back into a massy dangly ball. After copulation ducks will often do a victory lap. When the drake does this you can see the penis dragging through the grass or dirt, or afloat like a pale worm in brief incoherence before being fully rewound. In smaller flocks the mating is less riotous but still involves chases, alarms, and forced entry.

 But the hens strike back. They reserve the right to choice. The vagina is a labyrinth and the penis a blind serpent thrashing about. If the hen favours the drake she will allow his semen to fertilize her eggs, if she does not, then the sperm is cast into an infertile crease and wasted. The sperm, once deposited, is potent for up to 10 days. There may be multiple fathers in any brood.

When the hen’s egg production goes into dormancy the male’s penis will drop off, leaving but a nub, when the hen’s next egg cycle begins the drakes grow a new penis the size of which is much determined by the competition. In this manner these disposable dicks can reach up to 12 inches. So there is an arms race backing every duck dynasty.

Kemeny Babineau

Your Invitation: 

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