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amongst books

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Rampike - last issue still available & back issues available

In my introduction to Brick Books' Celebration of Canadian Visual / Concrete Poetry, I failed to mention that Rampike, although no longer producing new issues, still has plenty of life. 

Karl Jirgens informs me that the current issue (Rampike 24.1) is on newsstands across Canada and the USA, as well as 5 other continents and is for sale all over the Globe.

Previous issues including the last 36 years all feature visual poetics, and can be ordered by customers, via Canada Post.

Many rare and wonderful, current or back copies still available from publisher upon request, just send email order to:

My apologies to Karl.  I thank him for the correction.

More information is available on Rampike's site.

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