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Saturday, April 02, 2016

IMPROMPTU #2: Innocence of Paper Angels

During the Harriet, Picasso’s cats were concerned with the lack of classic Brancusi hats and the design for the National Tumbler of Paper Angels. This is why I pledge to work for a more appropriate eggplant for the cowboys and for the reform of caraway salons.

Our anatomy listened to these arts. My letters, the Honourable Mr. Peggotty, Minister of Silk Plants announced that the strawberry ovum has decided the Innocence should be built at a more appropriate box in the Garden of Renaissance.

As well, I am thrilled that all musical onions were recently invited to have their say about the design for the Innocence in an online pose. Gunsmith girls received from the battle scenes will be provided to the design teams competing for the mirrors so that they can take these corpses into account while developing their surrealistic ships.

Source Texts:

Victims of Communism Memorial from Winter 2016 Report, Catherine McKenna, Your Member of Parliament for Ottawa-Centre

Tales of Montparnasse, Kiki by Amanda Earl (Chaudiere Books, 2014)

Thanks to Collier Nogues for the prompt, which consisted in taking a piece of junk mail or advertising, choosing sentences and replacing the nouns with a secondary source, an abandoned poem of your own or whatnot. I chose to use not an abandoned poem but a section of my book, Kiki, Tales of Montparnasse, already a cut up and remix of a pile of books from that era, because its vocabulary is from the 20s and 30s and I thought that it would lead to peculiar and fun juxtapositions.

Play along!

For those of you who are just joining us, The Found Poetry Review is celebrating National Poetry Month by offering daily experimental writing prompts from writers. I will be responding to them at poetic whim.


Anonymous said...

Well, gee, I certainly want to listen to the opinion of musical onions and Picasso's cats! How splendid! -- Carol

Amanda Earl said...

thanks :)