amongst books

amongst books

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Impromptu # 28 - fierce angel aloft

Jenni B. Baker asks us to turn a poem into music and offers some excellent step by step instructions. I used Milton’s Paradise Lost Books I and II for my source text. This was a quirky challenge and a hell of a lot of fun. Thanks Jenni.

books one and two of paradise lost

fierce angel aloft                                f (quarter note) a (half note) a (half note)
boundless and charmed                                 b (half note) a (quarter note) c (quarter note)
eternal god                                                          e (dotted half note) g (quarter note)
golden fiend                                                        g (half note) f (quarter note)
flowering exile                                                   f (dotted half note) e (half note)
ethereal earth eyes                                            e (whole note) e (quarter note) e (quarter note)
go each glimmer                                                g (quarter note) e (quarter note) g (half note)
breathe chaos and air                                      b (quarter note) c (half note) a (quarter note) a (quarter note)
beyond an abyss                                                b (half note) a (quarter note) a (half note)
choose endless death                                       c (quarter note) e (half note) d (quarter note)

here’s the score made from this cool program called and below is the audio file because i'm not sure it can be heard over at note that the words are not properly placing themselves over the notes, but this is still very cool. 

For those of you who are just joining us, The Found Poetry Review is celebrating National Poetry Month by offering daily experimental writing prompts from writers. I will be responding to them at poetic whim.

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