amongst books

amongst books

Friday, April 29, 2016

Impromptu # 29 - Alchemy

I used the Lazarus Corporation’s Text Mixing Desk & plucked the occasional phrase that resonated, mixing it with a few words of my own…


Stone is of a made flesh the Spirit has assumed the fire
I am thinking of you and the permanent earth one body air
the moon into bodies philosophers in the dark constant things
the spark of water silver and cleansing a spiritual thing the elements
all the colours a moment I am thinking of you fugitive a corporal thing
this spirit quintessence vapours nimbled bread a coagulation mercury I worry never rise again more than when the body is this secret falling colour ashes ghost a stone combustible pure the right way the wind the eagle corporeal the door a hindrance the belly I am thinking of you vapour ascends the world and truth nothing purification strange words I am thinking truly ancient time when the body unexpert a singular body unwise again with me changing into water I am thinking of you I am thinking of you I am thinking of you

Thanks, Beth, for the wondrous prompt. You have one more day to take part over at the Found Poetry Review or I suppose you can go back & do the prompts later. 

Thank you to Adam McLean of the Alchemy Website for his amazing & thorough resources on alchemy & for the image above from his emblems project. (Copyright Adam McLean 1997-2011)


Charlotte said...

Wonderful work! I like how you left out punctuation which gives it a truly alchemical feel.

Amanda Earl said...

thanks, Charlotte. i thought the lack of punctuation would help give the poem an accumulative feel & create some interesting juxtapositions