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amongst books

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Impromptu # 30: an ode to guinness and a thank you

Douglas Luman (aka the Venerable Bede) asks us to think of a memorable phone number or a phone number that was important to us. Using his phonewords application over on Applied Poetics, a deliriously joyous site for poetry making using Oulipian techniques and more, to take a source text and reduce it to only words that use the letters from the phone number to create a poem. This was great fun, of course.

HENRYGILBERT. 1911, furnished by the lovely Project Gutenberg.

Phone number: 867-5309 from the song.

 an ode to guinness

to put off joust for stout
to set for stout of old
keep none not for rest
send me up to red
keep room
press of folk
found streets
press of souls
to sound end of love
love love tell me love
send forest to a rose

other phone number or phone songs also came to mind: Echo Valley 26809 by the Partridge Family, The Knack’s Your Number or Your Name. All my references are from the late 70s/early 80s. I’m sure there were numerous other songs with phone numbers in the title in more modern times, but this is what I remember.

finally, a word or several words, of thanks to the Found Poetry Review, its editors, the poets who created the prompts and the participants and those of you who were reading along, who retweeted or commented or shared my poems. this was a joyous experience, sometimes daunting, sometimes so intriguing that I spent most of the day working on a prompt. it’s been an engrossing and consuming activity. a great way to celebrate National Poetry Month. Thanks to all those who commented on my zany poems and shared your own. It’s been fun reading your work and engaging with you.

poetry can lead to community. doesn't have to, but when it does, i find it rewarding. 

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