amongst books

amongst books

Tuesday, April 05, 2016


opens with electric guitar, followed by Buckley’s croon, slow guitar finger picked in C Am C Am, speeding up, finger picked guitar chords repeated over and over,
at 53 seconds, low-voiced lyrics begin without music, guitar again
voice rises, music like water, rippling, notes held
low guitar in 4/4 time
Buckley sustains creamy high notes
alternates between guitar & his voice, which is an instrument
more definite strums on the guitar in background as his voice rises and falls, very controlled vibrato
meandering singing with lax vowels and soft syllables, continuous glides, fricatives, liquids, affricates, diphthongs, muted implosives
at 3:40 guitar speeds up, then Buckley lets out a wail
returns to finger picked guitar, his voice
4:55 his voice high, then wail, then a kind of rhythm of guitar & voice like sex

dream swan on still lake
swims causes ripple
o o o outward in water
viewed from above
ink black lagoon
ooo ooo ooo
her creamy wings spread
taffeta crepe de chine lace
as a breeze
picks up & the rhythm
of a white the rhythm of a white
the rhythm of a white horse
galloping along the road
beside the lake as the wind picks up
her feathers fly into the dark
into the ripples that her movement
makes o o o the ripple her movement
makes as the dawn trembles into
muted morn black silk, velvet, smooth
cool onyx of the lake the ivory, the china white
ivory of the swan & the white
moment the white horse galloping
the open wings
of the swan the white swan the
china white the feather white
the brush of feathers over flight


One of my favourite musicians and one of my favourite of his songs from Grace (Columbia, 1994), co-written with Gary Lucas, who also plays guitar on the song. I especially like the Live at Sin-e version, which is the one i played while making this poem.

I tried to capture the dream of the song & echo the sounds & rhythms, the repetitions & the tone, the climaxes. I wanted the poem to be a dream of black & white & the textures of those colours. The euphoria that seems to be a replication of a good heroin trip, that good & clever feeling…for a while.

Thanks to Sarah Blake for the challenging but rewarding prompt. I’ve done something similar before, but not tried to tie it as closely to the music.

Play along!

For those of you who are just joining us, 
The Found Poetry Review is celebrating National Poetry Month by offering daily experimental writing prompts from writers. I will be responding to them at poetic whim.

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