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amongst books

Sunday, November 13, 2016

New stories at Unlikely

Thanks to Jonathan Penton and Alan Fyfe of for publishing the first of two stories from “Fallen Angels and Other Broken People.” Lucifrina is kicked out of Heaven after fucking Michael. Tango Unclare finds a home in the desert after wrecking havoc in Humdrum City. You can read the stories here.

These stories mark a departure in my fiction writing. They are not erotica, not deliberately written to arouse the sexual appetite as well as the imagination, the heart and the mind. I hope you enjoy them. Please let me know if they resonate for you in any way.

I am grateful to have been published once more at Previous publications include visual poetry:

and erotic fiction:

Successor about a dystopian post-apocalyptic society which hunts queers and gender queer people, who hide and create their own world underground.

Ludmila’s Voyage about a young women who is seduced and corrupted until the tables are turned.

I am continuing to work on stories about the characters in “Fallen Angels and Other Broken People.” Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading.

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