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amongst books

Monday, January 30, 2017

Sandra Ridley - My Poetic (m)Other appears on Many Gendered Mothers

There's a wonderful new project/blog curated by a group of folks, including Adèle Barclay, Nat, Natalee Caple,Klara du PlessisClaire Farley,Jane Eaton HamiltonSonnet L’Abbérob mclennanHazel MillArJacqueline Valencia + Erin Wunker   Natalee Caplee. 

"many gendered mothers is a project on literary influence featuring short essays by writers (of any/all genders) on the women, femme, trans, and non-binary writers who have influenced them, as a direct or indirect literary forebear."

I chose to write about dear friend and daring poetesse, Sandra Ridley.

Please read the piece and the previous three essays and all the essays that come after.

My Poetic (M)Other 

thanks to rob mclennan for insightful and helpful edits.

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