amongst books

amongst books

Friday, October 06, 2017

A Cover Letter Template for Submissions

This may apply to other publications as well.
Place the cover letter in the body of your e-mail

Mailing Address
Telephone Number

Dear Editors,

Please consider the five unpublished poems attached in"lastname_firstname.docx."
[ preference is one file per submission; other publications have other preferences.]

My biography is as follows:

[Version 1 for those with publishing credits]

FirstName LastName has had poetry published in X Journal of Poetry, Y Journal of Poetry. She won the XYZ Award in 2015.

[Version 2 for those with no publishing credits]
FirstName LastName is influenced by the poetry of X, Y, Z. She is a member of the ABC Poets Association and has an Honours Bachelor of Whatzit in Whathaveyou.

Please note that I am a former resident of Ottawa. [if you don't have a current Ottawa mailing address.]

Thank you for considering my work. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


FirstName LastName


MindfulMuser said...

A very nice cover letter Amanda although I am disappointed that the word "awesome-sauce" or "amaze-balls" was not included in the body of the text. Am I to infer from this that these words are optional in submission cover letters?

Amanda Earl said...

tee hee :)