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amongst books

Saturday, December 02, 2017


as part of AngelHousePress, i'm offering a free close reading service. the service was active from june 2016 to august 2017 and i took a break over the autumn because it's a busy time. but mentoring is important to me and i'd like to do my part.

WHAT:           I will read five pages of your free verse or prose poetry, offer editing suggestions and possibly suggest poetry to read;
WHO:             new poets, not yet published with a press (chapbook or spine), who identify as women or genderqueer writers; must be avid readers of contemporary poetry;
HOW:             send poetry to as pdf, doc, docx file; name a contemporary influence (poet, work of poetry);
WHEN:           anytime; work read on a first come first served basis, one poet per month;
WHERE:         wordwide;
WHY:             lack of chapbook submission by women & genderqueer writers; an attempt to encourage and mentor;
COST:             free.


 If your work resonates with me, I’ll invite you to submit a chapbook (20 pages or fewer) for consideration to AngelHousePress, which publishes limited editions of 50 copies, no reprints. You receive 10 copies and can buy additional copies at half price.

 You are under no obligation to submit a chapbook.

I reserve the right to suspend the service if I get overloaded, but wouldn’t that be great if that happened… I see this as a great opportunity for AngelHousePress to discover new writers and to share that discovery with the world.

I've edited the original call to clarify that I am also thrilled to read work by trans writers (FTM and MTF and gender fluid writers). And I want to make sure that people of colour, disabled and indigenous peoples feel welcome to ask for help with their poetry as well. Basically I want to help to create a world where artists that are not heard or paid attention to as much as they should be have every possible tool in their arsenal to get their creative work out there and be heard. 

Cis men, I adore you; you send queries, you send chapbook manuscripts; you are courageous. I appreciate your support of AngelHousePress and I hope that you continue to support the press with your work and by sharing our calls and information with others. 

 In 2015, in response to our call for long poems and poetry series, out of thirty submissions/queries, only three were by women. I want AngelHousePress to be a place where all poets feel welcome to send work for consideration. This is an experiment to see if mentorship and encouragement will lead to more women sending work our way. And we have received more work by women, so it’s going well. Perhaps other presses could consider a similar idea or have other mentorship methods they would like to share.

AngelHousePress, together with its transgressive prose imprint, DevilHouse, publishes two to four chapbooks a year in the spring and fall, but that depends on our schedule. We sometimes publish more chapbooks. We also have an online essay series, and a monthly podcast, we host in April and in November. We publish raw talent, ragged edges and rebels. We are always interested in essays, rants, manifestos, interviews, reviews and poetic statements for the essay series. For more information on the press, please visit

In particular I’d love to read dark and playful work in unique voices. I enjoy work that engages with art, film, literature, music and the world. Everything I do is for whimsy, connection and exploration...and...of course...for love.


Amanda Earl is a Canadian poet, fiction writer, visual poet and publisher. Her most recently published work includes Kiki  (Chaudiere Books), The Book of Esther (Puddles of Sky Press), wintered (shreeking violet press), Lady Lazarus Redux (above/ground press and poems in Arc Poetry Magazine, Matrix Magazine, the Windsor Review. Her poetry has also been published in American, Australian, British, and French publications on line and in print. Amanda is the managing editor of and the fallen angel of AngelHousePress. Her manuscripts have been shortlisted for the Robert Kroetsch Innovative Poetry Award. She was inducted into the VERSeOttawa Hall of Honour in 2014. More information is available at Or connect with Amanda on Twitter @KikiFolle

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