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amongst books

Monday, April 27, 2020

Ottawa, April 27, 2020 - Focus!

Does anyone else feel like it’s difficult to focus and get things done? I feel like I keep having to do more and more things and it’s taking me a long time to be motivated to do them. Once I’m able to focus, I get better at it, but it’s overwhelming at the start in particular.

This morning after Charles left for work, I did my morning meditation with my tai chi instructor via Zoom and then an hour later, the Stretch and Strength fitness class from Carleton U, also via Zoom. It was gruelling but worth it. After that I was able to focus for an hour and get something edited in a half-way decent manner.

I’m starting to receive news of work I submitted pre-Covid-19. I feel distant from it in many ways. As if the work was sent by some other version of me, or by another person entirely. It’s not that I don’t know I’ve sent out the work, it’s just that I feel like it was a lifetime ago that I did so. I have received some good news and some hopeful news regarding my writing and this is pleasing to me in a wait-and-see kind of way.

The weekend was somehow busy and not quite as restful as usual. I’ve had stuffed up ears for months now, long before Covid-19. They seem to stuff up and make hearing difficult, then they unstuff a bit. This weekend they were really bad. I started taking allergy meds for that symptom and also a sore throat that comes and goes and has for months as well. The result is that I’m even sleepier and crash hard.

Last week our bedroom dresser, which is about thirty years old or more, gave out on us. One of the drawers collapsed. We were able to get a replacement dresser for a good price from IKEA over the weekend and Charles spent a lot of Sunday putting it together. I don’t like to have to order anything for delivery but we didn’t have much choice.

I’m socializing with folks through e-mail, my preferred method. And having the occasional chat through FB Messenger, but I would prefer long interesting e-mails.

It was dreadful to learn about the death of poet, publisher Joe Blades on Friday. As far as I know this passing is not related to Covid-19 but little is known. This time is senseless and sad too much.

I went out for a walk after my fitness class and enjoyed the mild afternoon weather. There was even some sunshine for a brief moment.

I hope you are coping. We’re in this for as long as we’re in it. What more is there to say?

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