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Monday, July 06, 2020

Ottawa, July 6, 2020: Masks: A Plea for Education, Empathy and Assistance

Rather than scorn those who aren’t wearing masks, how about we address the reasons why and deal with them? I suggest that governments and, in particular, health authorities adopt the following actions and recommendations:

 1. Ask those who are not wearing masks to provide their reasons for not doing so; in this way, their needs and rationale can be addressed. If the only thing people hear is scorn, they aren’t going to admit they have a problem with wearing masks. In fact, they’ll likely just get defensive.

 Some of the reasons I am aware of are poverty, lack of availability, exacerbation of breathing issues by mask; cognitive and intellectual disabilities. What are the others and  how do we address them and why is it to our benefit to address the issues people have with wearing masks?

 I understand that it is urgent that people wear masks to protect each other because Covid-19 is happening right now and the dangers are great for many, especially people over 65, immune-compromised and disabled people. I think that we have to work harder to identify and help those who are not wearing masks. 

 I don’t believe that mocking them and scorning them or not taking them into account in public health strategies and campaigns is going to lead to the protection that we need to have to keep people safe from getting the disease and to keep hospitals from being overrun with Covid-19 cases and deaths. I don’t believe relying on the police or bylaw officers to enforce mask wearing by fining people exorbitant sums is a good idea. We’ve already seen that these enforcement officers go after the vulnerable in society.

 We need to educate, empathize, and assist.

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