amongst books

amongst books

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Anthony Bansfield at Tree

was fantastic...What I like about Anthony's writing is his ability to original language, avoidance of cliches and his strength with cadence and sound. His performance was full of energy and he pretty much had his stuff memorized, something I can't even imagine. His piece on literacy really struck a chord. The open mic was pretty good too, except it was long. Break happened shortly after 9. Picked up Anthony's CD: Tales From The North Coast and also Steve Sauve's CD as well. Steve has brilliant pieces of comedy. Other memorable open mikesters were rob mclennan who read from his latest work celebrating Ottawa's 150th, and Anita
Dolman who read a postcard story that was descriptive and highly memorable. The whole evening was very inspiring.

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John MacDonald said...

Steve Sauve made me laugh out loud.