amongst books

amongst books

Monday, May 02, 2005

Ottawa Citizen's Sunday Book Happenings

Once more non existant. This past Sunday. Supplanted by a little article on a book of dog poetry and a story about teen angst poetry. Neither one of them local; neither one particularly literary. There was an interesting article on Shani Mootoo, in town to read on Thursday for Alberta Scene, but here's the stuff that Citizen readers didn't find out about: Sunday's Dusty Owl featuring Hal Niedzviecki of Toronto & John Lavery of Gatineau. Lavery's book "You, Kwaznievsky, You Piss Me Off" is getting rave reviews. Niedzviecki is well known for being the co-founder of Broken Pencil, a magazine I can't stand, but others enjoy: it's mean and trendy. Haven't read any of his books, but he's supposedly humourous. Next Saturday, a group of Alberta Spoken Word artists will do their thing as part of the Alberta Scene. There are also writers' groups, a few open mics and a storyteller's swap going on. I hope that Citizen readers who like literature realize that they can't rely on the Citizen for information about literary events. Either the info is missing or more often than not, inaccurate. The previous week they printed events that had taken place two weeks earlier. It' s not that difficult. If you care.


Norma said...

But at least the Citizen listed the Bywords Bloglist among the best blogs in town. Gotta give them credit for that. Okay, so perhaps the credit is more fairly due to Alex Munter - but that's quibbling.

Amanda Earl said...

true enough ;) I do give Alex credit for that though. It's mostly the Book Happenings thing that bugs me. Thanks for commenting my friend.