amongst books

amongst books

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Toronto Small Press Book Fair

On Saturday was inspiring and joyously overwhelming. So much to see, read, buy. My own table included stuff from various small presses here in Ottawa and it was great the way people were so interested and wanting to buy our stuff. I picked up two items of note myself: the first issue of Stuart Ross's Syd and Shirley magazine and Fascist Panties, a free pub from 1997 that John Barlow had set out on a table at the end of the fair.

Syd and Shirley is fantastic. If you don't have a subscription, get one. Get one today. Even if all you read is the David McFadden's interview, you'll be amused and inspired. There's also some of McFadden's poetry, a great bibliography of his work, poetry by others, plus intelligent reviews. I'm already looking forward to the second issue, and I'm not even finished the first yet. The magazine's format is straight-forward 8.5 x 14 inches landscaped, stapled with a coverstock cover. Nothing fancy, just straight up good stuff.

Speaking of nothing fancy, I always love picking up unnoticed gems at the fair. Well known small magazine maker John Barlow arrived close to the end of the day with all kinds of goodies and set them up on a table already vacated by a vendor, then left. I sneaked over to see what kind of treasures there were and discovered Fascist Panties 5. It's a thick volume in unassuming beige attached with screws and bolts thingies (I'm not hardware inclined so these may not be the technical terms). Some gems in there. Crazy stuff too: Barlow, mclennan, Blades among others.

lunar eclipse by John Barlow

There is enjoyment of the moon in women
I'm not the only cartoon character in the house
Self-destruction is a kind of love poem too

Can't wait for the Ottawa Small Press Fair in June

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