amongst books

amongst books

Monday, November 21, 2005

More On Talented Tongues/ Dusty Owl.

Busy weekend, no time to blog. Friday night's TT was fun, well-organized by Lisa and very freeing. I have no real venue to read my smut, and I have quite a lot of smut, so this was a great opportunity. To be able to read with other people who write about sex is also a good experience. From Greg's suave and seductive playfulness with the audience, to Sylvie Hill's irreverent style, Nichole McGill's hilarious list of lovers and Suki's fascinating and very hot story about a realtor and a client, the evening was a joyous celebration of freedom of sexual expression. We performed to a packed house too! We had to close the doors of VE because we had reached "fire capacity." Oh how I loved the idea of an erotic reading reaching fire capacity. We had as much fire as we could handle ;) Of course no one came over and wanted to take me home after the reading, but heh...that's why I have to write erotic fiction, to satisfy all my wild fantasies. I'm sure I'll write a story in which some very tall, attractive sex god chats me up after a reading and then comes home to my bed.

Dusty Owl on Sunday was not very well attended, which was a shame. Ronnie Brown was spicy, irreverant and mesmerizing. And the DO hosts are always so welcoming. I regret not getting out to more of their readings. I read during the open mic. Nothing smutty alas..well not much.

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