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amongst books

Monday, November 28, 2005

Rozalind MacPhail's Magical Farewell Show

at Zaphod's last night was a marathon that started at 5 pm and brought together Ottawa's most talented singers, songwriters, guitarists, drummer and yes, most especially featured flautist turned guitarist/singer/songwriter, Rozalind. I intially met Rozalind when I was a regular poetry performer at Cafe Nostalgica when Kristy McKay started it back in the early naughts and then stayed for the music open stage that her boyfriend, Trevor Tchir hosted. The flavour of Nostalgica was there with many familiar faces from the Thursday night open mic.

Rozalind accompanied the performers on flute. She was scheduled to play guitar and sing, but by 9:30, we were all too tired to stay unfortunately. We did buy her CD, Gas Station Sessions! This is an interesting idea on Rozalind's part; it's her first foray into playing guitar; she just started to learn a little over a year ago, and she wants to document her path. The lyrics (some by Lindsay Ferguson, some by Rozalind) are poignant and honest; Rozalind's voice is lovely as is Lindsay's and the guitar and flute blend beautifully. You need to have a copy of this CD, plus Rozalind MacPhail and Friends; Just for the song, Need I Say More by Lindsay alone, this CD is worth it! Her voice gives me goosebumps (the good kind).

This evening brought back fond memories of how wonderful Cafe Nostalgica's open night mic is. I really miss being able to take part and listen, but it starts past my bedtime.

I discovered the amazing voices of Andrea Simms-Karp (of The Vanity Press), Patricia Rodi and Lindsay Ferguson. I also particularly enjoyed hearing friend Melissa Laveaux perform once more with Rob Reed on tabla, Ana Muira and Melwood Cutlery. I missed the Lighthouse Keepers unfortunately but did hear Lindsay, Rozalind and Neil performing together thank goodness.

This is what I love about going out to gigs, you get to hear performers that are so much better than anything on canned homogenized radio stations.

I have few regrets, but one of them is my lack of participation in Nostalgica and not going out to hear these great musicians all the time. Thru Cafe Nostalgica's open mic. What a night, what a night.

I'll miss Rozalind and so will the Ottawa music community. She's contributed so much. I wish her all the best in her new life in Banff, Alberta where she'll be attending the Banff Centre for The Arts for a residency in song writing. I hope she comes back again to perform!


linzferg said...

hi melissa, i just foiund your blog here, thanks for the great words about me... if you want to check out a show that roz & i are playing together, come to the manx pub on eligin in ottawa on the 15th of october, that's next sunday... ciao!! xox

Amanda Earl said...

Hi, Lindsay...
I would love to catch your show; it's my birthday that day...but 9:30 pm...and I'm toast already. I really enjoy your music. Hopefully some time soon though.