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amongst books

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Andy Stochansky

at the CBC Radio taping of Fuse last night along with Andrew McPherson/Eccodek. This is only the second time I've heard Andy live and his voice is even stronger and more resonant in person than it is on his CDs. The problem with Fuse is that there's too much banter, but in between that were some great collaborations between Andy and Andrew.

Andy performed Shine (which has gone on to be a big hit for Shannon Noll of Australia for some reason); covered a song by The Waterboys called This Is The Sea, then performed a song from his upcoming CD. The song is called Foolish Heart and it is incredible.

When Andrew was in the spotlight, Andy got to play percussion with some brushes on the back of his guitar, and he even for the last song Voices Have Ears stuck his hands inside the open piano to play brushes in there! That was a bit scary, but it sounded great.

I was there to hear Andy really and he was phenomenal, but I also enjoyed Andrew as well.
Andrew stuff is quite different: ethereal, reminiscent of Brian Eno, Roxy Music type stuff. Eccodeck combines beats with all kinds of interesting world music, African drums, Turkish singers...At one point Andrew played the flute while Andy gently played the piano layered over some ambient sounds. Andrew was mellow and Andy was intense. Somehow the combination worked.
Andy's site is
and Andrew's site is

Not sure when the show will air, you can check out to find out more about the show.

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