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amongst books

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Xmas Tree

Last night in the ever hot and steamy basement of the Royal Oak II. There was quite a turn out for this last Tree with James Moran as host and Jennifer Mulligan as treasure(r). This event, along with Midsummer Night's Tree in the summer, are the two readings where it is permissable to read "cover" poems, poems written by others (usually published writers). I always find these cover readings enlightening when it comes to understanding writers' influences. Eleven readers filled the open mic, reading everything from Shannon Bramer (picked by both Anita D and Jennifer L.) to the Surrealistic poet Paul Eluard and Samuel Beckett (Mark R.). It is sad to see James go as host; he has put so much energy into making sure that Tree has a sensational roster of writers from all over Canada, while still not neglecting the local community of writers. He also has a skill for listening to every kind of open mic reader: from the completely ridiculous (e-mails about meeting women in the tropics) to the neverending prose, to the occasional moments of genius in between. Rhonda Douglas takes over in January and has already announced the first featured reader, Jon Paul Fiorentino to read in early January.


John MacDonald said...

I had a feeling it would be hot. I took the night off to write my "Best Literary Events of 2005" column for the paper. Thanks for the update on the Christmas Tree Reading, Amanda. See you guys soon.

Amanda Earl said...

You writers...always working... never coming out to readings ;) See you at something before the hols perhaps...tonight am attending Andy Stochanksy thing at CBC.