amongst books

amongst books

Friday, February 24, 2006

Come to the launch of my Carleton class anthology! March 5.

The Delicate Art Of Paper Passing: an anthology from Carleton University's latest poetry workshopSunday, March 5, 2006, 5:00 pmDusty Owl, Swizzles, 246-B Queen StreetThere will be poems. There may be drums. There may be flutes. There may be paper passing...delicately.Anthologies will be on sale for $5.00Contributors include Mike Buckthought, Laura Clarke, Victoria Cloutier, Angel Duffett, Amanda Earl, Kimberly Flynn, hiroy kidane, Chris Pitre, Armand Garnet Ruffo, Betty-Warrington Kearsley, and Lisa Xing.

Bluebird North

Last night as the snow flew; Nat'l Library auditorium. Andy Stochansky, Emm Gryner, Peter Elkas and two folksters whose names escape me at the moment. This was such a treat. It's the third time I've heard Andy live and he never fails to mesmerize me with his talent. Emm was excellent also, playing piano the whole time. A new song of hers Blackbird Wings(??) was touching and poetic. I've heard her live a few times now, once when she opened for Ron Sexsmith and once when Trevor Tchir opened for her, at a few other smaller events too. The surprise of the night for me was Peter Elkas. First of all the man is drop dead gorgeous and most importantly, he channels Jeff Buckely. His voice goes into that higher register, so much like Buckley's angelic sound. And the electric guitar playing was divine too. It was a stellar night for music in Ottawa, and all for the low, low price of $15. I am really looking forward to Hawksley Workman in March...2006 is becoming a great year for concerts.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ivan E. Coyote-Carleton, Monday afternoon

Is a fantastic story teller who tells the truth about life as someone who isn't pigeonholed into one gender or the other. Ivan comes from the Yukon and claims to be not even the best storyteller in her large family. She's certainly the best I've ever heard. Her books, Closer To Spiderman, Loose End and One Man's Trash, are short slices of life that are funny, sad and engrossing. When she tells her tales, she looks you straight in the eye. When asked by an audience member to which gender she identifies, she says she's not the one with the gender crisis, it's everyone else ;) There's pain in being Ivan, such as the time she had to take the plane with 40 teenage girls. From a distance, she looks like a very hot boy their age. One redhead ogled her when Ivan stood up to line up for the washroom but as Ivan grew closer, all the girls started whispering: "what is it?" When Ivan got up to them, she explained that "it just might be a human being, with feelings." Later on Ivan doesn't really know how her leg ended up in the aisle as the redhead and her friends were leaving the plane...Or lining up to use a public washroom in a long line of women for twenty minutes and being told that "this is the ladies room." Ivan is a brave person who puts herself out there for all those who feel marginalized by society, but she's no victim, she lives her life as herself. Does she like being called she? he? Call her whatever you like. She likens her situation to wearing rubber boots: one of them is too loose and the other is too tight.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Poetic Desserts Sunday February 5, 7:30 pm chez moi

If you'd like to read your fav poetry (from others), indulge in a few sweets and a spot of tea, contact me.