amongst books

amongst books

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Follow up to Book Thug reading/ upcoming lit things

Reports from book thugs can be found:

This week is quiet for poetry fans, unless you are going to the Al Purdy Symposium at U of O, which takes place from May 5-7.

Next week is full of stuff. Ever notice how Ottawa's literary scene is week on, week off?

There's still room in rob mclennan's poetry workshop, starting May 8. I took it in the winter, and I have decided to re-enlist. I recommend it to those who want to look at poetry with fresh eyes, be introduced to writers that are not necessarily well known, but who know what they're doing. The post class Carleton Tavern beer chats are fun too. You never know who will show up. I won't say who the special guests were in the winter...take the class, it will push your limits and that's what we all need, right?

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