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amongst books

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hawksley Workman

The Bronson Centre last night...was amazing. The venue was also terrific. I didn't realize the Bronson Centre auditorium could hold so many people. The line up beforehand went down Bronson and round the corner of Lisgar. To a packed auditorium of 800 fans, he sang, played acoustic and electric guitar, a xylophone, banjo, harmonica and castonettes. It was just Hawksley and his keyboardist, who he referred to as "Mr. Lonely," but it felt like there was an entire band at times. Hawksley sang from his newest CD, Tree Full Of Starling, but also sang his most popular songs, such as Jealous of Your Cigarette, Smoke, Baby, No Reason To Cry Out Your Eyes, Anger as Beauty and others. He chatted quite a bit, talking about his crush on the Governor General (now finally a reason to be into politics), drinking snowmobile tea and other zany bits of absurdity. The fans went completely wild, especially the little girls who screamed every time a song came on they knew. He let the audience sing the chorus to Smoke, Baby and everyone knew the words. The crowd gave him two standing ovations. For his final encore he did "People Still Need A Song" sitting on the edge of the stage, with swooning girls all around, and the audience singing along. It was a magical night. Hawksley is working on a new album, recording at a studio in Almonte. Can't wait to hear what's next. It was one of the best concerts I've been to in ages. He's right up there with Sexsmith and Stochansky for me.

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John MacDonald said...

certainly one good reason for living downtown, eh?